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Volunteers, interns, and pro bono experts are essential for increasing ELAW's capacity to meet the needs of our international partners. Generous contributions of time, and expertise, directly support grassroots advocates working in their home countries to build a sustainable, just future.

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ELAW Volunteers, 2013

Current Needs:

-Expertise in designing webpages using Drupal
-Spanish translation

Why volunteer with ELAW:

-Act locally to create positive global impact
-Build upon career skills through hands-on experience
-Learn about international environmental issues
-Meet other volunteers with similar interests

Volunteer Testimonials:

Volunteers at ELAW's Earth Day booth, 2012

ELAW booth at Earth Day 2012

"I enjoyed the flexibility of my volunteering schedule. I was able to volunteer around my already-busy schedule [and] felt like my work was appreciated" ~Addie M.

"I commit a few hours each week to help further ELAW's mission
because of the proven positive change they foster. I thoroughly enjoy
my time at the office because of the inviting and inspirational
atmosphere." ~Zechariah H.

"I enjoy coming into an environment where everyone is committed to his or her job, and the subject matter they deal with is extremely important. I feel as though I am contributing to making the world a better place through my assistance to the ELAW crew. " ~Melia W.

"It's been an amazing experience seeing the impact that ELAW has around the world, meeting international fellows, and interacting with the wonderful people that comprise the staff here in Eugene. To me, ELAW is so important because it’s not just another law firm; it’s a helping hand to allies of the environment whenever duty calls." ~Zoe W.


Volunteer Roles

Office Assistance and Data Entry
Multimedia Support
Hosting International Visitors
Information Technology/Web Development
Planning Events and Tabling

How to Apply

ELAW 2012: Melia Wagner

ELAW 2012 Spanish Translation Intern
Melia Wagner

Pro Bono Support

Professionals in many fields including science, information technology, environmental law, and non-profit development are needed to provide their expertise to ELAW partners around the world. 

How to Apply

Academic (Non-legal) Internships

Get real world experience before graduation by developing an internship that matches your academic interests and helps further ELAW's mission. Internships are tailored to each student's skills and goals.

Past intern projects have included: translation, web development, office support, assisting ELAW's Fellowship Program, tabling at events, and more.

How to Apply

For information regarding law internships, please visit our Legal Internship page.

How to Apply

ELAW 2012 Summer Interns

ELAW 2012 Summer Interns
Eric, Zoe, Logan, Derek, Melia, Michael

General Volunteering

To volunteer with ELAW, please fill out a Volunteer Form and send it to: volunteer@elaw.org with a brief description of why you would like to volunteer. 

Pro Bono Support

If you would like to contribute your professional skills to ELAW, please email a cover letter stating your interest in providing pro bono support and a copy of your resume or CV to: volunteer@elaw.org.

Academic (non-legal) internships

To apply for an academic internship in Eugene, Oregon, please include the following in an email to volunteer@elaw.org:

1. A cover letter stating your goals for completing an internship and how your skills and academic course work will help you contribute to ELAW
2. A copy of your résumé or CV
3. Completed Volunteer Form.

We appreciate your interest in supporting ELAW. Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Jackie Chimelewski, at volunteer@elaw.org or (541) 687-8454 x21 for more information. Thank you.


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